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MATH 128

MATH 128
Calculus 2 for the Sciences

Course Material for Calculus 2. I will start with material after the mid term since now I've found motivation to get started again!

Before starting this course, you should be confortable with both  differentiation (product, quotient, chain rule, Implicit, higher order, exponentials, trig and trig^-1) and basic integration (Fundamental theory of calculus 1 & 2).

Test #2
Differential Equations
Differential Equations (Separable)
Exponential Growth & Decay
Newton's Law of Cooling/Warming 
Differential Equations (Linear) 
Parametric Equations
Parametric Equations (Sketching)
Parametric Equations (Tangents and Areas)
Vector, Scalar Multiplicaton, Orthogonal
Vector vs Parametric Functions 
Vector Functions (Derivatives & Integrals)
Polar Coordinates vs Cartesian Coordinates (Converting and Sketching)
Polar Coordinates (Tangents, Area and Arc Length)

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